The Oakwall Story


Oakwall was born through the desire to elevate traditional materials into our urban lives while respecting nature and doing no harm. Our lives are filled with too much, too much plastic, too much tech, too much fast fashion consumption. It’s time to stop, to rethink, to reimagine a world where less is more, where other materials are possible, where heritage and timeless quality are worth more than the latest fad. It’s time to open our eyes and realize we have an impact in the environmental crisis, as companies and as consumers. That’s what drove us to create our company, so we can help to create better solutions, with minimum impact, to help create awareness and create a better impact on the world together. 

  • Eco-urban Living - The perfect combination between our urban lives and our nature spirits, prioritizing ecological materials and sustainable production processes. Respecting the balance between the two worlds and protecting Nature everywhere we go. 
  • Our Mission - Design and produce the best most sustainable products, with the minimum environmental footprint and no animal-harm, that are ethically made and adapted to urban living.


What makes us special? 
    • Eco-friendly, Sustainable Materials and Vegan Alternatives to Leather.
    • Ethical Supply Chain & Local Sourcing with Minimum Footprint. Fair Prices, Fair Profits to All Involved.
    • Stylish & Timeless Design. Premium Quality Craftsmanship. Slow-Fashion Principles & Long-Lasting Products.




    Sustainability is part of Oakwall’s way of being. In everything we do, in all aspects of the company, we strive to be as sustainable as possible, from our processes, to our materials, to our people. It is an ever-evolving subject that we care deeply about and take great efforts to be the best we can be and continue to grow and become better every day. If you have any suggestions regarding any sustainability subjects we would be very glad to hear them, we are always looking for ways to improve – just give us a shout out at the following email

    Our Values:
      • Quality - Handmade, Expert Craftsmanship, Premium Materials, Vegan and/or Ecological Sourcing & Sustainable Materials.
      • Ethical - Ethical & Fair Pay, Sustainable Materials & Packaging, Minimum Environmental Footprint, Local Sourcing.
      • Minimalist Design - Simple & Functional Design, Curated to adapt to urban living without the extra fuss.
      • Respect - Everything we do is based on the principle of respect for every living being and common living.


      Our Production:
        • Collections – Our collections are sustainably produced, meaning they are developed with an eco-friendly mindset in all phases of the production process. They are also Nature & Human Respecting, they are created with a do no harm, tolerance and openness mindset towards all beings. Collections are timeless and high quality, following a slow-fashion lifestyle.
        • Local Sourcing – Our products are designed and produced in Portugal, mostly in local family-owned factories. Minimizing the carbon footprint of production. Our high-end premium materials are also locally sourced and traditionally of Portuguese heritage.
        • Pre-orders – For some of our products we usually work with pre-orders, in order to avoid the unnecessary costs and environmental impact of warehousing, transport and excess materials. We usually work with small batch craftsmanship confections in our local family owned factories which are later packed in sustainable packaging & shipped to our respective customers, thus a pre-order system allows us to better control shipping and costs.



          Cork is the bark of the Cork Oak tree (Quercus suber L), Portugal’s national tree. It is a completely natural raw material with unique properties which give it an unrivalled character. It is light, impermeable to liquids and gases, elastic and compressible, provides thermal and acoustic insulation, it is a fire retardant and highly abrasion resistant. Furthermore, it is completely biodegradable, renewable, and recyclable. The extraction of cork is a controlled process and does not harm the cork oak trees - on the contrary, it contributes to their regeneration, allowing them to produce more oxygen. The cork industry ensures the continuity of the cork oak forest by contributing to the maintenance of forests and the local populations that depend on them. The cork oak forest offers a set of economic and environmental goods and services that are related to agroforestry and other systems, as well as playing a pivotal role in promoting certain ecological functions in the biodiversity ecosystem. Cork can be used in a set of different industries from construction and architecture, to design, clothing, jewelry and footwear, furniture and decoration, health and cosmetics, energy production, pollution control, among many others and those still to be discovered.


          Main features of Cork fabric:

          • Feather weight - Three times lighter than leather, any carry-on good feels like holding a cloud.
          • Flexible - Supple and soft to touch, it is an adaptable material with minimal breakage. Ages well and becomes even softer with time.
          • Durable - Water and Fire Resistant, cork skin is extremely durable. It can be easily clean, being also mostly stain resistant.
          • Vegan & Organic - Sustainable material, 100% vegan, a fabric woven with cork skin from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree and a back support of 100% cotton or a mixture of cotton & recyclable polyester.



          Burel is a Portuguese handmade fabric made of 100% wool. It is highly resistant and durable and of local traditional heritage of Serra da Estrela, in the North of Portugal. Long ago it was used in the making of clothes for farmers and workers in general, as well as used in the making of mourning attire for the monarchy and nobility. It is a very versatile and high-quality fabric that can be used in very different means, from architecture to design, to clothing, shoes, accessories, and many others.

          Main features of Burel fabric:

          • Highly resistant - Thermal and acoustic blockage proprieties. Electrostatic and abrasion protector.
          • Flexible - Very smooth and soft textile. Flexible and adaptable. Ideal for any garment, from children to adults. Can be used in personal ware, home decor to architecture features.
          • Durable - High water resistance level, and fire resistant. Of easy maintenance and doesn't create pills.
          • Natural & Organic - Sustainable fabric of 100% wool. An ancient natural and organic agro-product, from Portuguese heritage and sourcing. Premium quality of expert craftsmanship.



          “ Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

          Archbishop Desmond Tutu