If your favourite item is not available to an immediate purchase and delivery, you can Pre-Order it. All Pre-Order items are identified with "Pre-Order".

At OAKWALL we only produce small quantities in order to prevent over stock and waste as minimum as possible. As we produce in small batches, it's normal that some of our products get out-of-stock in just a few days. You can pre-order your favourite products for a fraction of the final price - It will help us control stock, prevent waste and continue to offer a fair value to all our local producers. Get 10% discount on every pre-order, on any product.

  • Get at least 10% discount on full-price pre-order
  • Get 10% discount extra by subscribing our newsletter

All Pre-Orders are usually fulfilled in 15-30 days.

If you have any questions about Pre-Orders please email us to shop@oakwall.pt